How to Ensure Your Security while selling iPhone

Selling iPhone is one of the easiest ways of making quick money when you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone version or when your iPhone has technical issues that make it less appealing to you. Today, there are many resources that will enable you to sell your iPhone quickly and easily. We are an example of such resources and our goal is to help you get the best deal and experience while selling your iPhone. Nevertheless, before you sell your iPhone, it is important that you take several steps that will ensure your personal security.

Resetting and backing up

You should remove all personal content from the iPhone before you sell it. There is personal information in the iPhone that you are selling that you do not want to let it fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, back up the content then reset the device to ensure that such information is not passed on to the buyer.

Backup on iCloud

The most valuable data of the iPhone that you are selling will be backed up automatically by iCloud if you use iOS 5. This happens after every 24 hours. Nevertheless, your device must have WiFi connection, be plugged into a power source and also have a locked screen. You can also backup data manually by going to the settings, then iCloud and finally storage and backup.

ITunes backup

Using iTunes, it is possible to back up your iPhone before you sell it to Mac, laptop or PC. You simply need to right click iTunes on the device and click backup. After this, wait for the backup process to be finished. This process can take some minutes depending on the amount of data in the device.

Reset the iPhone

This is an easy but important thing that you should do as you sell your iPhone. Simply go to the settings, then general, reset and finally erase all content and the settings. This simple process will wipe the phone clean as well as reset it to the factory or default settings.

Unlock the iPhone

Many buyers are interested in unlocked iPhones. This means that unlocking your iPhone will enable you to attract more buyers and even give you a chance of getting more money from it. Therefore, if the iPhone that you are selling has not been unlocked, you need to do it before you offer it for sale. Most wireless providers will not refuse to unlock your device from their networks provided that the device is paid for fully and that it is yours. After unlocking the device, it will not be bound to the network or carrier that sold it to you.

Basically, there are many things that you need to do after making the decision to sell your iPhone. These are some of the steps that will ensure your security and also make it easier for you to sell the device. With our hero service, these are the major things that you need to do while selling iPhone because we have simplified the process of finding the best buyer.

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